Japan Yukigassen Federation overview

History and Basic Policy of Japan Yukigassen Federation(JYF)

JYF was established on May 26, 1993 in order to increase the recognition and development of Yukigassen (snowball fight) as a sport. Since 1993, JYF has been the main organization supervising the Sports Yukigassen teams in Japan. JYT was reestablished in 2001 as a general incorporated association to have Sports Yukigassen® officially recognized as a sporting event, strengthen the organization, secure financial resources, and increase the development and recognition both in Japan and the world.


“Yukigassen (snowball fight)” is a timeless activity for the snowy seasons. We made Yukigassen a sporting event for anyone to play. In most sports, one ball is used by all the players to score points and win the game. Sports Yukigassen® is different, however. It is a thrilling sport with wide playability, using a lot of snowballs to score points, and players are also challenged to attempt to capture the opponents’ flag within a limited time. We’ve been working to establish Sports Yukigassen® as a winter sport, and our dream is that it would be taken up by more people in Japan, even in non-snowy regions. This can be accomplished by using equipment exclusively made for Sports Yukigassen®. Beyond this, we’re aiming to increase interest in Sports Yukigassen® globally, with the goal of having it recognized as an official Olympic event.


Sports Yukigassen® is widely considered to be a winter sport. Nevertheless, it can be played anytime and anywhere by establishing the rules, and actively developing equipment exclusively used for Sports Yukigassen®. We strive to see it widely adopted and established as a winter sport, but at the same time, one of our missions is to expand its popularity by removing the idea that “Yukigassen is only for wintertime”.

1.Player Training

Precise, sensitive tactics and pinpoint ball control are at the core of Sports Yukigassen®. We train players who can make the most of their physical and intellectual abilities to expand the world of Sports Yukigassen®. 

2.Establishment of the Official Rules and Referee Training

Firm rules and diligent referees are essential to the development and promotion of Sports Yukigassen® to a wider audience. JYF has worked on forming the foundation of Sports Yukigassen® under the supervision of Referees' Committee and Accreditation Committee.

3.Sports Yukigassen® with a Universal Word and Rules

“Yukigassen” is a Japanese term formed by two words, “Yuki” and “Kassen”. “Yuki” means “snow”, and “Kassen” is an ancient Japanese word meaning “battle”. We decided to use “Sports Yukigassen” as the universal name of the sporting event, and to establish the universal official rules.

4.Japan Championships

All of the championships held by member organizations are official championships. A national tournament is held annually by inviting all the champions to compete. Our goal is to join the world championship.

5.For All the Children in the World

Sports Yukigassen® utilizes the blessings of nature. By having children participate, we can encourage them to be interested in winter sports.

6.To the World

JYF aims for Sports Yukigassen® and its official rules to be recognized and used around the world.