Sporting Equipment

Sporting Equipment

There are rules in place for the equipment athletes can wear for safe competition. Some teams use matching clothing and gloves, and some players devise something that looks more unique.

Player Equipment


The tournament organizer supplies the helmet, but players can also use the helmets supplied by the team.


In many cases, each team uses the same color they prefer. Aligning uniforms strengthens the unity of the team.


Each player brings their own gloves. Some players use their bare hands or gloves made of thin materials, which makes it easier to handle snowballs.


Shoes with metal cleats are prohibited, rubber non-slip cleats are recommended.


Things to Use for the Game

①Team Flag

Once each team knows which half is their side of the field, players tie the home team flag (50×70cm) on each team’s pole.


②Snowball Making Machine

You can make 45 snowballs at a time. The number of snowballs required for one game is 90 per set x 3 sets, which is 270.

③Shelter and Chateau

The wall placed on the court is 90 (L) x 45 (W) x 90 (H) cm, and the center shelter is twice this size. The material is not specified, so it may be made of snow, wood, or other materials. Place snowballs behind the chateau and start the game.



①Indoor Ball

A ball used for indoor practice is designed with a similar texture to a snowball, and can also be used in beach tournaments./p>

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